WP820 Enterprise Portable WiFi Phone



About the WP820

The WP820 is a portable WiFi phone designed for a variety of enterprises and vertical market applications, including retail, logistics, medical and security. This powerful, portable WiFi phone comes equipped with integrated dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi support, advanced roaming, and integrated Bluetooth. By adding 7.5 hour talk time and HD voice with dual-MICs, the WP820 offers a powerful combination of features, mobility, and durability to suit all portable telephony needs.

Product Positioning

In environments where roaming free while making and receiving calls is a necessity, the WP820 is the go-to-choice. With advanced roaming support thanks to its dual-band WiFi technology, users can walk and talk with no restrictions throughout any office, warehouse, store, hotel, medical facility, construction site and more. The WP820 is designed for users who require mobility, durability and a powerful, interruption-free voice solution for dynamic environments.

Competitive Features
  • Two lines, two SIP accounts
  • Dual-band WiFi with outstanding antenna design and advanced roaming support
  • Bluetooth for syncing headsets and mobile devices
  • HD voice and dual MIC design
  • Rechargeable battery with 7.5 hour talk time, 150-hour standby time
  • Speaker-phone with HD acoustic chamber and echo cancellation
  • Built-in push-to-talk and panic buttons
  • Accelerometer for movement-based notification and alarms



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