GWN Series Networking Solutions



About the GWN Series

The WiFi industry is growing rapidly and along with it comes the increased need for high-quality networking solutions. To meet our customer’s growing needs, Grandstream created the GWN series high-performance WiFi access points that offer expanded WiFi coverage to a large number of simultaneous clients. The GWN series APs are easy to install and feature state-of-the-art technology and functionalities, making it the perfect solution for any business’ WiFi needs.

Product Positioning

The GWN series access points add a new layer to Grandstream’s total solution offering, providing an integrated one-stop-shop for each customer’s unified communication needs. The GWN series offers high-quality wireless network solutions that combine industry-leading features and technology with an affordable price tag. With a variety of different APs to meet each client’s unique requirements, we ensure that businesses of all sizes and budgets have access to powerful WiFi connectivity.

Competitive Features
  • Between 250 (GWN7610) and 450 (GWN7600, GWN7600LR) clients per AP
  • All APs have embedded controllers accessed via the Web UI with no added software or hardware purchase necessary
  • More features for your money compared to other vendor offerings within this price range (Ubiquiti, Ruckus, X-Claim)
  • Advanced QoS, VLAN, TOS, 802.11e/WMM for an optimized voice, video-viewing, and web browsing experience
  • Roaming and SON/Mesh, as well as industryleading security features


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