Grandstream Residential Solutions

Apartments & Dorms

Grandstream provides everything needed to create a powerful communications and security solution for any apartment building, residential complex or college dormitory:

  • Build a facility access solution to track and manage building access with the GDS series
  • Create a voice/video intercom with access devices, IP phones, intercom speakers & cell phones
  • Allow residents to let thier visitors in from their in-unit IP phone or mobile device
  • Create a powerful communications platform for staff that offers mobility
  • Sculpt a fast and secure Wi-Fi network for staff, residents and guests with the GWN series
  • Utilize the UCM series to build and manage the entire network

Grandstream Residential Solutions


Many of the same products highlighted in the apartments and dorms section can also be applied to a home setting to create a communication and security solution:

  • Install a GDS series device at the front door to make voice/video intercom call to devices inside
  • Talk with visitors & let them in with the GXV series IP Video Phones, WP820 Wi-Fi IP phone, etc.
  • Grandstream Wave app allows mobile control of home access devices and intercom
  • The GXV series also offers a powerful home multimedia hub, ideal for a kitchen
  • The WP820 is the perfect cordless home phone as its’ Wi-Fi support offers tremendous range
  • Use the GWN series to build a fast and secure Wi-Fi network for your entire property
  • Add existing analog devices to a SIP/VoIP network with our HT series of ATAs
  • Utilize the UCM series to build and manage the entire network


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